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      Going Postal

      A day out in London.

      Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

      As it will be a static rally we should find each other quite easily. I will give my number to selected people and start a WhatsApp group so no one gets lost.

      If possible we will find somewhere for lunch afterwards. Sadly there’s no nearby Weatherspoons. . .

      Veterans Rally

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      As I understand it, the Rolling Thunder group (with bikes) is also due there at the same time. Should be a decent turnout of bikers as well as the static vets etc.

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      Gordon Brown PM

      Good Luck All. Don’t think I shall be there but interested if anyone want to car share from Lichfield area.

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      Hi GP lads and lasses. My first time here, and I’m very interested in attending the rally tomorrow – I don’t know anyone who is attending (yet) but that doesn’t matter. Any rough idea about numbers, itinerary etc. please?

      Thanks in advance.

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        Going Postal

        I’ll be there from around 10.30 am. We’ll stay for a couple of hours at a guess and then go for a drink and something to eat.

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