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      Going Postal

      If you, like myself and many many others, are sick of seeing our media, lying politicians, and the Left attempt to smear, besmirch, belittle and generally denigrate everything President Trump does, then here is an opportunity to make your voices heard.

      The Jameson pub in Hammersmith is hosting the unofficial Trump Welcome celebrations during his visit. The owner and locals are big fans.

      On Friday 13 July from noon it commences and I am reliably informed plenty of media have been invited so we need to be there in numbers and with enthusiasm. Asides – it also represents a great opportunity for GP writers, commenters and lurkers to meet.

      The celebration will go on throughout President Trump’s visit but as the Press are going on the first day it is the only bit that will receive coverage.

      Link here: http://www.presidenttrump.party

      I will post more info when eventbrite/facebook pages have been set up, and further updates as I get them.

      Should be fun so maybe some Postaliers want to make an event of it.

      Captain Cook

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      More details have filtered through and sadly it appears the Jameson Pub is making this a £30 ticket event.
      It covers BBQ and some drinks but for me deeply disappointing as I had only a couple of hours spare to attend.

      More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/241841013286354/?ti=as

      Please feel free to pass the link to anyone you think might be interested in going.

      Captain Cook

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