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      I find it quite remarkable what Swiss Bob has done with Going Postal. He’s managed to put together a community of like minded people who all share the same concerns and disgust at what is being done to our society. I came here from Guido last year after it became all too apparent that blog takes its orders from CCHQ. NTTL is a little bit too pedestrian for my liking but GP seemed to hit the sweet spot. It really does have a pub-like atmosphere where the participants can talk freely among themselves – very much a community feeling and something that I’ve not really come across on the Internet before.

      I suspect like many GPers I want to do something, but I feel like a lonely island in a sea of left wing bullshit and political correctness. Yes I have some friends and family members who will express decidedly conservative and un-PC views to me, and I can occasionally coax such views out of strangers once they realise I’m not a member of the thought police.

      It seems to me the real struggle here is to break the stranglehold the establishment has on our society when it comes to setting the Overton Window and doling out the accepted narrative. We must encourage those who are already red-pilled to speak up more frequently and work to red-pill those who are still shackled to the establishment media.

      So just brainstorming here, some ideas that could be ways GP’s growing following and presence online could be used to this end:

      – Produce a repository of “red pill” articles which visitors to the site can be pointed towards. These would be articles based in sound logic and reason, supported by facts. They could cover a range of topics such as immigration, multiculturalism, modern feminism, state surveillance, biased media, politicised education and schools, etc. These would serve two purposes – to give GPers a solid grounding in the issues and cogent arguments and facts they can refer back to when arguing with lefties and normies, and be thought provoking – even revelatory – for normies who may be visiting the site for the first time. They would have to be extremely well written and present watertight arguments but I know there are more than a few very erudite GPers who would be more than up to the task.

      – We’ve already seen the beginnings of organising GP gatherings at events like Speaker’s Corner and the FLA march in Birmingham. This is absolutely a good thing. I would suggest printing some kind of GP flyer to hand out at these events to make more people aware of the site and encourage them to visit.

      – Look into the possibility of collaborating with one of the anti-establishment political parties, be it the “new” UKIP under Batten, or perhaps For Britain or D&V. Not an affilliation, but an exchange. Perhaps the figures in those parties would be prepared to write articles or even a Q&A which would be published on GP, and in return those parties could mention GP on their websites – the result being a mutually beneficial arrangement where both raise eachother’s profile among their respective readership/membership.

      – Look into alternative media. The red-pilled side of the argument dominates Youtube and the more successful creators pull in more viewers than broadcast television. It’s an incredibly easy platform to get into, potentially requiring nothing more than a decent smartphone for recording and an Internet connection for uploading. A bare bones operation (along the lines of Styx or Pat Condell) could get things off the ground. Content would be political or current events commentary (of the kind you won’t hear on the BBC or Sky) – that would be a good place to start but if things took off then the possibilities are endless. There is most certainly a gap here because there’s a relative lack of UK-oriented commentary on Youtube with only a few rather small creators covering it. I know Youtube are cracking down on conservative and anti-globalist content creators but there are already alternatives such as Bitchute. PJW, Styx, Sargon…. all started out with basically a smart phone camera in their bedroom.

      – Linked to the above, GP could look at raising its profile on the newer social media platforms, those which aren’t controlled by globalists.

      I understand this would all be quite an undertaking, and way too much or Swiss Bob to do by himself, but as I said there appears to be more than a few very erudite GPers and we have a very broad skill base here with people from all walks of life. If we really do care about this stuff and want to make a change instead of sitting on our arses moaning about it as our civilisation is flushed down the toilet then the above is the kind of stuff we should be thinking about and organising.

      Finally, I think we all realise now we live in a surveillance society and doing stuff like this would effectively make us enemies of the state. Bear that in mind. I’d also warn about attempts by sock puppet accounts to try and take this site down by giving the plod reason to intervene here. I don’t know where the site’s servers are located, but I believe servers located in the US are protected by First Amendment rights.

      Like I said, just brainstorming here. The key to winning the war is hearts and minds. The establishment media spoon feed us the narrative and the more people we can reach and show them this narrative is bullshit and must be rejected the closer we get to preventing the destruction of Western civilisation. Grand words I know but that’s the reality of where we’re at.

      What are your thoughts?

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      Good points Æ. I like some of those ideas and I’m sure others will give it some thought. Forums have come along at just the right time I’d say.

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      The more I think about this the more the idea grows on me.

      We’ve had excellent series of articles written here by GPers on how the Labour Party has systematically betrayed the working class, on the staggering and brazen corruption of the Clintons – these articles should be put front and centre for the visitor to read… want to know more? Well here’s links to YT videos by Molyneux, Black Pigeon Speaks, PJW, the Iconoclast, etc etc.

      Reach out to UKIP, For Britain, D&V and invite their figures to make an appearance here, submit their own articles outlining their vision, their objectives, etc. Ask the readers to submit questions which can be collected and presented for a written response by the leaders of those parties. This I think would be of interest to the likes of For Britain and D&V as they struggle to raise their profile in the deliberate absence of coverage from the establishment media.

      Potentially you could turn GP into a portal or hub for the redp-pilled, where ideas can be shared and users linked to useful resources or information, coordinate activism but also with a strong element of welcoming normies who may be at least vaguely interested in breaking free of the establishment narrative.

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        Going Postal

        All good.

        With reference to a repository. If you want a GP articles forum, or a GP articles topic it’s not a problem, what I can’t do is maintain it.

        If you are interested I think you will first have to decide how you are going to do it, either as a forum with topics like ‘music’, ‘history’ etc, or as a topic in ie the Culture forum. Then decide on the layout and proper indexing using the tags.

        You could just provide a list of URLs but that wouldn’t be ideal unless you use the GP article titles, or one reply for each article, URL as above and add the main image (right click an image, save the URL, then use the ‘img’ button above to insert into in your forum post?. Maybe the first para to interest people. It would be a lot of work. . .

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      Some good ideas there.
      Godfrey Bloom (UKIP) has written a few articles for here but not sure if he’s been asked or if he’s submitted. It’s been a while.
      I know we have a few DV people. Perhaps one could chronicle the birth of a party/movement or ask the leadership for a guest piece for submission.
      You must remember though that the management of this is all quite onerous though it appears simple to an ordinary user, with lots of work in the background.

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      The existing articles on GP are a very eclectic mix, and I’m talking about a very specific targeted collection of articles intended to peel back the veneer of establishment and media lies and show the reader what’s really been going on.

      Ideally I think I’d want something on the front page of the site that catches the attention of visitors – perhaps listing the three or four most recent articles and linking to the repository itself.

      The repository could be organised along categories such as politics, economics, culture, media, etc. The kind of articles you might expect to find would be:

      Politics – the recent series about how Labour betrayed the working classes would be excellent, perhaps a summary of the MP’s expenses scandal, how Brexit is being sabotaged, how our foreign policy is dictated by Riyadh.

      Economics – an explanation for the layman of our current financial system, fiat currencies, how we went off the gold standard, the deficit and debt problem.

      Culture – the erasing of British identity, the atomisation of community, multiculturalism, political correctness, the polls carried out among British muslims regarding their views towards certain issues.

      History – why the British Empire wasn’t evil, the truth about slavery, how everyone goes nuts over the Nazis but the Communists get a free pass.

      Media – Over representation of ethnic minorities in the media, promotion of miscegenation in advertising campaigns, biased BBC, the extreme views regularly touted in the Guardian.

      There would be a lot of crossover between the articles of course, in fact we’d probably need a better selection of categories so we could cover modern politicised policing, child rape by Pakistani migrants. I also reckon it would be worth having some kind of peer review system where an article was checked by the other authors before being published just to make sure it didn’t have an glaring errors or clangers that would diminish or undermine the impact of the article. In fact the pool of authors could be used to bounce ideas off each other, point each other to useful resources and suggest edits/additions to the articles before they’re published.

      The objective would be to educate and inform existing GPers on subjects they may not be aware of or have only limited knowledge of, but also to present the normie visitor with new narratives and analysis which they would never have got at school or from the establishment media.

      I absolutely understand it would require a lot of work, but I reckon we could put together a decent team of writers and work out a way to catalogue these articles and present them on the site. My web design skills are non-existent, but I’d be more than happy to contribute articles and review articles written by others.

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      Could even put a call to arms up on the main blog and gauge interest from the readership. We’ve already got a solid core of regular contributors whom I imagine might be interested in something like this.

      You may also find some people experienced in web design who might be able to help.

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      I’ve just read this thread and think it’s a very good idea, certainly a great deal of work but people really do need to be educated on what’s going on. A Red-Pill hub with articles on the topics suggested could help GPers understand topics better, we really do need to start engaging with others in real life.

      Yes, a call to arms on the main blog, allowing people to read the thread, the suggestions made, and get some feedback.

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      Some excellent ideas here. I suggest as a starter we approach UKIP, For Britain and D & VP to each submit an article setting out what they stand for to promote a discussion on issues within the GP community. This will hopefully clarify where these Parties align and where they differ. The aim, as I see it, is to unite the right. People will vote for whomsoever they like but in the end there must be an alliance between these groups because splitting the right is a recipe for disaster. To effect change there must be a meeting of minds around a common core of issues which are crucial to address the paramount issues of today – free speech and Islam, immigration and Brexit. There are other issues, of course, but there must be a sense of priority. What good is Brexit if we have been replaced? And what good is tolerance if it only serves to make us easier to subdue? Let these Parties stand up and be counted in answering the hard questions and then we will know who to follow and who to reject.

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      Martin Mezger

      Just catching up with this, after a very busy Sunday unwinding from the day before. Æthelberht has come up with some excellent ideas, one of which is promoting Going Postal at events. All of the GPers present at B’ham were talking to other people about our site. One way of promoting it would be to get the logo on banners or ideally, apparel.

      I’m not sure how much it would cost to produce a run of t- or sweatshirts, but if we can get the logo on camera at future events, so much the better.

      I think the idea of contacting like-minded people such as AMW who are in the public eye for interviews or guest articles is an excellent one. I’ll contact her on twitter DM this week to sound her out on the idea.

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