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    Going Postal

    Somewhere around the Manchester/Leeds area.

    Dinner and evening at a pub in the countryside. Transport is your problem.

    If your’re interested leave a comment below with links to any nice pubs we might use (that have accommodation) and email me, subject ‘Pub oop North’.

    Timing all depends on replies but this year likely Sept/Oct.

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    alexsandr too

    Tentative – depending on hospital stuff.

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    Northern Man

    I’m on holiday from 10th – 20th September but flexible otherwise. I’d prefer Leeds area over Manchester but only because I live a fair way East so Manchester is a three-hour drive for me.

    I’ll have a look at pubs. Assuming everyone is driving or getting lifts we could think about Ilkley area.

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    Howlin’ Wolf

    … could I suggest Richmond (North Yorks), small drop dead gorgeous market town just 5 miles off the A1M where it joins the trans-pennine A66, six or seven really good pubs (most with accomodation) all within spitting distance of each other in the upper & lower market place, also Italian, Indian & Chinese restaurants also in the market place, think all the pubs have restaurants as well, lived there for 10 years (miss it), willing to do all the administration and organising should it be a runner ..


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      Northern Man

      Richmond is lovely. Good venue for me (about an hour from home) so gets my vote.

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        Howlin’ Wolf

        … well that’s two, about an hour for me, live about 50 miles north, good pub crawl around the market place, all within spitting distance of each other ..

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    Cardinal Puff

    I’ll be attending if it fits in with work (I’m not 9-5) and Richmond would work for me.

    Regards CP.

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      Howlin’ Wolf

      … well that’s three ..

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        Richmond is an hour north of me. I could squeeze this in

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          Howlin’ Wolf

          … guess we need some input from the main man ..

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