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    Going Postal

    June 23rd, 2016 was a historic victory of the people against the establishment. The Westminster elite have had over two years to implement Brexit, and instead have done everything in their power to prevent it. It is time to show MPs, civil servants and Brussels bureaucrats we will not sit by whilst they betray the referendum result. That’s why we are organising a core group of marchers, who will travel the length of the country from Sunderland to London, to stop the Brexit betrayal.

    March to Leave page.

    To be one of the core marchers you will need to pay a one-off £50 payment via PayPal.

    This is to confirm your status as a core marcher, in return you will receive:

    An official March to Leave kit.

    If you are marching for two days or more we will provide accommodation, breakfast and dinner free of charge.

    Fully paid travel once you arrive on the march. This includes transfers to and from the accommodation to both the start and finish points.

    Details for those who want to march.

    I’m tempted to join for as long as I can, but that will depend on how many of you join for some, or dare I say it all of the march – I could do with the exercise.

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    Going Postal

    If any puffins would like to go but £50 is too much then email me at the usual address.

    That covers transport, food and lodging and some other stuff.

    Read the March to Leave bumpf.

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    Thanks for this SB. Planning to walk from Wetherby to Pontefract on 20 March. Really hope that I get a chance to meet up with a few northern based Puffins on the day.

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    A few G-Pers have expressed cynical views about LmL and in so doing, were we to all follow their example, weaken opposition to the establishment. We are in Rorke’s Drift territory and now is not the time for carping and pointing the finger at each other. Now is the time for everyone to answer the call to battle.

    The Lml march is now the big event, our last stand. UKIP also have a rally in central London on 29th March but it will be small (as a lot of kippers are going on the march!). When LmL arrives the merged crowd will hopefully be large, too large for the media to ignore. They can dismiss a few thousand but 100,000 or more is different.

    I will sponsor a marcher or two (£50 a head) and will be either marching the route myself at some point or be cheering marchers on at various places. Every G-Per should come out on one or more of the days if only to waive from the sidelines to swell the numbers.

    This is the first real chance for Brexiteers to to let Remainers know we have not gone away. LmL’s rallies up and down the country were not just echo chambers, as some thought, but exercises in building a database of people ready for when battle came. The target is to mobilise a million people. We should all do our bit to help achieve that.

    You do not need to pay £50 to participate. You can just line the route. But the £50 goes towards providing overnight accommodation, breakfast and dinner for core marchers. It also contributes to security. LmL have engaged a security company (mainly ex-army) to deal with antifa.

    Theresa May and Olly Robbins may well have stitched us up by 29th March but that does not mean we have to take it lying down. So put any unproductive cynicism aside, support the good people who will be marching, and join in, help sponsor, or just turn up and cheer people on.

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    Will be there for at least a couple of days – maybe a northern one, Leicester to Oakham and the last two.
    *Rearranges diary*

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    Audrey’s Daughter

    Being from the south I am looking at the last day but have another event up to and including lunch. Will definitely make it at the end but will look at other locations. Not to be missed.

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    I have a funeral the 29th and my relatives in London digs will not be available as they are not home but at the funeral

    I am looking at the Mansfield to Beeston as it’s local, but unsure at this time

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    Northern Man

    Do you know where you will be on the evening of the 19th? I’ll be getting in to York station at around 18:00 so can be in the Wetherby area by 19:00 latest. Good opportunity for me to stand you a pint.

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    Sky News interviewed Nigel Farage when the March reached Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

    Spot the Swiss Bob?

    Nigel Farage, March To Leave, Beeston, Nottinghamshire feat. Swiss Bob

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