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      Going Postal

      Now I have all this walking gear and probably won’t do much more running I think I’ll do a lot more walking.

      Any weekend in W. Oxfordshire is good for me, you may wish to organise events in your area with fellow GPers.

      I am thinking of an official GP walk in late September, early October when the weather is fine but cool, probably in the Peak District/Lake District doing about ten to fifteen miles a day, likely a long weekend but you can join for a day or so, or the whole weekend. Thursday night to Monday night/Tuesday morning.

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      Northern Man

      Both are lovely, though I suspect the Peak District might have more “easy” walks for people who aren’t used to long hill walks. The area around Monsall Head is nice, with a decent pub at the start/finish and a long path on the old railway line (so all the inclines are gentle).

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      Martin Mezger

      Great idea. Anyone in The Glorious SouthWest (majority LEAVE) interested?

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      alexsandr too

      anyone fancy walks in t’dales?

      Nothing too strenuous for now but need to rebuild my strength

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