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      Northern Man

      I thought it might be helpful to have somewhere to suggest ideas for Christmas presents that people could buy for their loved ones so I have created this topic where you can post any suggestions of either things that you have received or given which have gone down well.

      If you want to go ahead and buy anything listed here then you can even click through to Amazon via the GP link and Santa might bring a small Christmas bonus to Swiss Bob.

      I’ll get started with a few random ones:

      1. Herb scissors. A must-have kitchen tool. Can also be used for making egg mayonnaise. Cheap and fun present.

      2. Stanley “Fat Max” tool backpack. A great way to organise your tools and I find it quicker and easier to find things than in a conventional toolbox.

      3. Stretch lemon storage pod (known in our house as “the lemon condom”). Keeps a lemon fresh once it is cut if making, for example, a gin and tonic. Works for limes too, though grapefruit are right out.

      4. Prosonus Eris 3.5 monitors. Fantastic little speakers for listening to music from your laptop or phone. Not hi-fi standard but for under £100 I think they are awesome.

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      Who knew we had a “culture forum”
      Posting this to ensure Northern Man does not flounce.

      My tip is always to buy personal things, not house things. So stockings, suspenders etc, that sort of stuff. Always goes down well.

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      Very useful gift for the spouse.

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      My tip is avoid buying items off a list at all costs. Instead, buy something the recipient wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for, but which suits their character or interests.
      One example.
      My niece enjoys needlepoint. Any boring old pair of scissors would do for this as long as they were sharp. But we bought her a beautiful pair in the design of a stork, with the bill its blades.

      If Amazon have what you want, so that Swiss Bob gets a little, go to them through this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/?tag=goinpost-21&linkCode=ez

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