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      Our local shop is a major part of the community and surpisingly, has been hit by the CV thing. The chap who runs it is a Sri Lankan, married to a Polish lady, but they always employ local people, mostly on a cash basis. Youngsters and stay-at-home mums get a chance to pick up some money and he’s a good employer, and supports the village well, joining in with saving the pub a couple of years ago. He is in hospital currently with the Rona and is stable but not well, so the shop has been closed for a few days. This is a collection for the staff who have stayed there throughout but will miss their Christmas tips and their wages. It would be lovely to see a whole bunch of £1 donations to them, and would be rather comical to see Puffin power at its best. A summer barbecue beckons also. PS, none ever objected to no mask.


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