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      Going Postal

      [caption id="attachment_88983" align="aligncenter" width="678"] An artist’s impression. One with a very vivid imaginationPhoto by Lucija Ros on Unsplash[/caption]

      Time and place

      June 28th – July 1st 2024 at the Gate Hangs High. Near enough the longest days of the year and fingers crossed it’s warm.


      Many of us will be camping in one form or another at the GHH, there is a very large field with  mobile home parking and plenty of space for tents including six pitches with power. The pub has a shower room and you can probably use a puffin’s room at the pub if you ask nicely. There are four rooms at the pub, two of which I have already reserved for regulars, one or two still available. First come first served but I will give preference to couples.

      If camping is not your thing and the few rooms at the GHH are already gone your next closest options are The Sun Inn and The Pear Tree in Hook Norton. After that I would recommend Chipping Norton and Banbury, there are plenty of pubs and hotels in both and they are nearby. I will organise taxi shares/minibuses to and from the GHH so having a drink won’t be a problem.


      New landlord, new prices. You have until Friday 19th January 2024 to confirm your attendance and readiness to pay for me to negotiate a discounted deal. If not enough of you sign up to satisfy the landlord then everything stays the same except you will have to book the camping yourselves Example GHH booking 2 people, three nights Do NOT book anything before I confirm whether we have a deal or not.

      NB: I just checked the price for a 2 man tent on the example booking and it’s offering me a cheaper price than the landlord’s discounted price. . . Some checking needs to be done so I’ll add an update on prices this week.

      Food and drink

      Breakfast lunch and dinner will be available at the GHH pub, or on the campsite. We usually have a BBQ going non-stop.

      Friday night/arrival night we’ll likely have a BBQ, Saturday night we’ll have dinner in the pub, or BBQ. Sunday lunch in the pub.

      I’ll be in touch over the Saturday night dinner if we organise anything special, Sunday lunch was £12 a head, but that was sometime ago.


      Brewery tours can be booked at the following link http://www.hooky.co.uk.

      If you would like to attend at any point over the weekend contact email here , ‘Brewery Bash 2024’ in the subject please.

      The https://www.cotswoldsdistillery.com/ is about 10 minutes from the pub. They do an excellent brewery tour with an option for lunch. I would suggest a Saturday visit would be best. Email me your interest and I’ll organise the group.

      Sunday lunch menu is available on the GHH’s website

      © Swiss Bob 2024 – Any errors or omissions are GQ’s fault

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      Are any Puffins staying at the Premier Inn, Spring Street, Chipping Norton on Saturday, and if so would like to share a taxi? Ta

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