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    Going Postal

    1642again, Going Postal

    Terrace for dining if it’s not chucking it

    By popular demand summer 2018 we will be having another Brewery Bash so reserve your places early.

    Date is confimed as the 11th August 2018.

    1642again, Going Postal

    Cellar if it is chucking down, or you don’t like being too far from the bar

    I will probably turn up Friday evening for a quiet night, tour the brewery Saturday afternoon, party Saturday night and go to a BBQ at The Gate Hangs High Sunday afternoon before heading home Monday. If anyone wants to make weekend of it there will be plenty of people around judging by last time.

    Swiss Bob, Going Postal

    SB HQ


    • Hotels and pubs: I have a list but those who went last time please email me your recommendations
    • Camping and motorhomes: The Gate Hangs High

    Contact here email ‘Brewery’ in the subject please.

    Brewery tours can be booked at the following link once we have confirmed the dates, they are available at 3.00 and 3.30 pm http://www.hooky.co.uk £14.50 per person, free tastings for thirty minutes. Try not to get too hammered before the BBQ (prices and times may have changed).

    Swiss Bob

    UpdateIf you want the special GP bottled beer email me your requirements.

    Update April 3rd

    I have compiled a mailing list for those of you I could find reservation requests for. If you haven’t received anything don’t worry, just send me an email with ‘Brewery Bash’ in the subject and I will add you to the list.

    If you need a hotel see above, we will also organise transport to and from the event for you. Don’t forget to let me know if you want to come for lunch on Sunday as well at the GHH.

    Update April 5th

    For those around on Sunday I have booked a table for ten at 1.00 pm Sunday 12th August at the Gate Hangs High.

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    Going Postal

    As we have a little more time to organise you can leave transport/sharing requests/offers here and I will put you in touch with others coming from your area.

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    Is Mrs.AJ doing her pub quiz again this year? If so, I may stay around for it.

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      Swiss Bob

      I hope so. I’m booked until Monday.

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      As long as OT is barred from setting any of the Q’s.

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      May not be useful, but I will be driving from Maidstone to Chipping Norton, from about 7am, but, on Monday I will drive from Chipping Norton to Hereford. Happy to give anyone a lift.

      I am staying at the Premier Inn, Chipping Norton


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    Sweaty Dave

    Put me down for the sunday lunch table.

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    Northern Man

    I am genuinely gutted to let you know that I will no longer be able to attend this year. Those of you who read what little I post of my life in the real world might recall that my son has joined the RAF. He now has his leave dates and he and I will be doing the promised father/son trip to the West Coast at a time which clashes with this event.

    I would love to actually meet some of “us” (scary though that thought is) but it’s family first.

    Roll on 2019.

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