Presumed Consent

At the Conservative Party Conference in October 2017, PM Theresa May pledged to introduce a system of presumed consent for organ donation in England. A similar opt-out system has existed in Wales since 1st December [more…]


The Flat Earth Society

Firstly a hat tip to the Flat Earth Society, their website is:  also for Wikipedia, see here: I thought it about time that we all knew something about The Flat Earth Society, (TFES).  [more…]


Victoriana 22

Chapter 22 ‘I suppose it’s back to normal life for us now,’ Victoriana said. ‘It’s been exciting, though.’ ‘A bit too exciting sometimes,’ said Rusty. They were sitting with Emmeline on empty ammunition boxes in [more…]


The Internet

So there I was, at 16, with my Commodore 64, a Programmers Reference Guide and no assembler, translating assembly instructions into hexadecimal opcodes, by hand, then typing them in as DATA statements in decimals. A [more…]